C-Suite Executive Gap Fulfilment

C Suite Executive Gap Fulfillment as a solution to costly Hiring.

Not every business has the financial capacity of buoyancy (right now) to bring C-Suite Executive onboard even though their help is essentially needed.


Startups and Businesses in their early growing stage have a lot of demands to meet. In all of these, cost and finance takes the largest share.


It therefore becomes an organizational headache to decide what needs to be done…either to hire costly C-suites executives or settle for a less expensive alternative.


That’s exactly where we come in at Meta Strategic Corps.

We Operate as your COO

We become the cheapest alternative you’ve got to manage your organization ordeals, processes, and ensure its smooth operation.


The sweetest part is, we cost way less than most C-Suite executive costs. We come in as your COO and run your business on your behalf.

What to Expect

Operating as your COO to run your business on your behalf will only cost you:

100,000-500,000 US$ ( depending upon your business & team size on Yearly basis).

Our Mode of Operation

Coming in as your new business partner, we'd take effort in understanding the following details about your business:

About Your Business

A detailed description of:

  • The problem you’re solving as a business.
  • How your business operates.
  • The Vision & Mission of your business.
  • What makes your business stand out from your competitors.
  • Your business’s long & short term goals.

Business Feasibility

Business/Product Roadmap
  • Define the objective & means to meet your “WHY”
  • Define the Business / Product Service Portfolio
  • Define the Customer Journey
Education, Learning & Development
  • What’s your GTM Strategy like?

Market Research
  • Are we on time or ahead of time?

Opportunity & Competition Landscape
  • Is our Vision, Mission & Goals met or we need to realign?

Want to Save Cost on Your Next Hire?

Find the Right Partner With Us at Meta Strategic Corps.

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